Check it out! A Super Villain whose name is in the title of the show! Have you noticed that all great villains reside in programs that are named for their arch-nemeses? It's not fair, and extremely biased. It's like they never have the home-court advantage. The Brain is probably the best worst (that's right, the best worst) Super Villain ever, in my opinion. Did someone say Orson Welles? If you don't know about the Brain, let me describe him with a song. *ahem* "They're Pinky and the Brain, Pinky and the Brain, one is a genious, the other's insane. They're laboratory mice, their genes have been spliced...To prove their mousey worth, they'll overthrow the earth..." Yeah, I'm a regular songbird. You get the picture? He's a mouse. He wants to rule the world. There's no more to it than that! If you check the encyclopedia you'll see how he matches up to the qualifications for villainy: he has the stance, the gaze, the laugh, the plans, the devices, and the massive oversights that always ruin his chances of world domination. I'd like to see him succeed one day but he'll have to get rid of that darn Pinky first! Hey, I gotchyer narf right here.