"You can't stop us, you know. Don't try."
— Mara Chaffee of the Children.

The Children were the central antagonists of the Village of the Damned as well as Children of The Damned and the novel "The Midwich Cuckcoos" - they were all albino and had powerful psychic powers which manifested as glowing eyes when angered or provoked: unlike most horror villains the children only attacked when they felt threatened but they were very easily provoked and believed in violent punishment for any who harmed them (this was especially prevalient in the remakes - where they tortured and killed in very gruesome ways).

Despite appearing as human children the Children were not of this world and were the result of a mysterious mass pregnancy.

The children possesses strong psychic energies as well as a common emotionless personality. They exert a powerful mind control which makes them extremely dangerous.