Population: Billions.

The DONTNOD Universe just keeps expanding, and with new series on the horizon like Life is Strange 2 and Twin Mirrors, you can be sure that this is one population explosion that's not going to stop anytime soon!

That's OK, though. We wouldn't have it any other way! Ours is a great community — diverse, with plenty of room for bit characters and evil overlords alike. Everyone has plenty of room for their own personal stories against a backdrop of cosmic intrigue that somehow unites them all. Let's meet a few of them now!

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Alternate Timeline Chloe Price

Alyssa Anderson

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Bad Request Edit

Brooke Scott

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Captain Gabriel Trace Edit

Charles Cartier-Wells Edit

Chloe Elizabeth Price

Courtney Wagner

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Dana Ward

Daniel DaCosta

David Madsen

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Evan Harris

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Francis "Frank" Bowers

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Hayden Jones

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Joyce Price-Madsen

Juliet Watson

Justin Williams

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Kate Beverly Marsh

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Logan Robertson

Luke Parker

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Madame Astrid Voorhees Edit

Mark Jefferson

Maxine "Max Caulfield

Ms. Grant

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Nilin Cartier-Wells Edit

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Olga Sedova Edit

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Scylla Cartier-Wells Edit

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Ulf Hansen/Kid X-Mas Edit

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