Disney's Disney with Disney in 1936 ,

Disney’s Snow white with The queen in 1937,

Disney’s Pinocchio with Stromboli in 1940,

Disney’s Dumbo in 1941,

Disney’s Bambi in 1942,

Disney’s Alice in wonderland with The queen of hearts in 1951,

Disney’s Peter pan with Captain hook in 1953,

Disney’s Lady and the tramp 1 with Si & Am & Lady and the tramp 2 with Buster in 1955-2001,

Disney’s Sleeping beauty with Malefiecent in 1959,

Disney’s 101 Dalmatians 1 & 101 Dalmatians 2 with Cruella de vil in 1961-2003,

Disney’s The sword in the stone with Madame mim in 1963,

Disney’s The jungle book 1 & The jungle book 2 with Shere khan & Kaa in 1967-2003,

Disney’s The aristocats with Edgar in 1971,

Disney’s Robin hood with Prince john in 1973,

Disney’s The many adventures of winnie the pooh with Heffalumps and Woozles in 1977,

Disney’s The rescuers with Madame medusa in 1977,

Disney’s The fox and the hound with Amos slade & The bear in 1981,

Walt Disney Home Video Presenting Superted with Texas pete in 1984-1987,

Disney’s The black cauldron with The horned king in 1985,

Disney’s The great mouse detective with Ratigan in 1986,

Disney’s Oliver and company with Sykes in 1988,

Who framed roger rabbit with Judge doom in 1988,

Disney’s The little mermaid 1 with Ursula & The little mermaid 2 with Ursula’s sister in 1989-2001,

Hanna-Barbera Home Video Presenting The further adventures of superted-Leave it to space beavers with Dr. Frost & Prince pyjamarama in 1990,

Disney’s vintage classic movie called The rescuers down under with McLeach in 1990,

Disney’s Beauty and the beast with Gaston in 1991,

Disney’s Aladdin with Jafar & Lago, The return of jafar with Jafar & Razoul & Aladdin and the king of thieves with Razoul & Sa’Luk in 1992-1996,

Disney’s The nightmare before Christmas with Oogie boogie in 1993,

Disney’s Pocahontas 1 & Pocahontas 2 with Governer ratcliffe in 1995-2000,

Disney’s The hunchback of notre dame 1 with Frollo & The hunchback of notre dame 2 with Sarouch in 1996-2002,

Disney’s Mulan 1 with Shan-Yu & Mulan 2 in 1998-2004 or 2005,

Disney’s The emperor’s new groove with Yzma in 2000

And Disney’s The princess and the frog with Dr. Facilier in 2009.