Hello, I’m going to tell you the new classic story. My favourite classics are The magic roundabout (1965-1977) and Superted (1982-1986). My new classic story will be about The new classic character, Jack. Once upon a time, Jack lived in Nothern Ireland of The UK. “Oh I loves going into town.” Said Jack. Jack was about to buy things when he saw a shadow. “Ahoy!” Said a voice. Then Jack saw somebody’s legs. It was the man with a blue hat. “My good man!” Said the man. “My name is Skonk.” “Nice to meet you, Skonk.” Said Jack. “You know, I wants to show ya something” Said Skonk. “I’ve just seen something that you might like. Listen!” The deep sound came. “It’s not bad, Jack.” Said Skonk. “Don’t worry, Sir.” Skonk showed Jack some fantastic spell books. “Is there anything you want to turn into? Go on, Jack.” Said Skonk. “Yes!” Then Jack turned into a blue drink. Soon, One of the irish people wanted to drink the blue drink. It was a young woman. She was about to drink when she heard a voice. “Could you help me, please?” Said a voice. It was Jack. A young woman was so scared that she screamed for her live. “Oh Drat!” Said Jack. Then the wizard came and turned Jack back into a human with his spell. Soon, Jack called a police. The police arrested Skonk and threw him in jail. Soon, Jack went home.

The End!

First published in 2011.