Skonk had a jail escape. He ran to the corner. “Curses!” Said Skonk. “That wretched Jack put me in jail.” Then he had an evil idea. “I’ll do a circus. Then I’ll kidnap the beautiful princess.” Soon, Skonk built the circus tent. “When I kill the princess, I will rule the world. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!” Said Skonk. And he ran to the princess’s castle. In the princess’s castle, The princess was very beautiful. She was aged 19. “Oh I can’t wait to kiss the handsome man.” Said The princess. Then she heard a knock. She opened the door and….. “Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha Ha! Ha! Now I’ve got ya.” Cackled Skonk, and kidnapped the princess to the circus. Soon, The newspaper came through Jack’s house. Jack read the newspaper about skonk who kidnapped the princess to the circus and had planned to kill her. “Oh dear.” Said Jack. “I must rescue her at once.” In Skonk’s circus, Skonk became so evil. “I want to marry you, My princess.” Said Skonk. “Never!” Shouted The princess. “On to the high wire!” Shouted Skonk. Skonk made the princess walk on the high wire. Then the princess fell. “You fool!” Shouted Skonk. “Get into the dungeon.” “Stop!” Shouted a voice. It was Jack. Jack rescued the princess from Skonk. But Skonk chased after Jack and The princess. Then Skonk fell into the water and died. “Thank you for saving me, Jack.” Said The princess. “You’re welcome, My princess.” Said Jack. Then Jack and The princess kissed each other and they lived happily ever after.

The end!

First published in 2011