"Sorry, Batman. Did I forget to mention my little friend down there? Meet Tiny. Who'd have thought a big fish could be so useful? Not me, that's for sure. He's like a mobile garbage truck. Whatever I throw in there just...disappears. Poof. Problem gone."—Penguin, Arkham CityTiny is a great white shark who appears in the video game Batman: Arkham City. Presumably, he was an attraction at the Gotham Museum's "Terrors of the Deep" aquarium before the Penguin bought the building and turned it into his hideout. After Penguin discovered the shark, he repurposed the aquarium into a torture chamber, disposing of his victims by throwing them into the shark's tank. Penguin named the shark "Tiny" as a joke.HistoryWhen the Museum fell under the jurisdiction of Professor Hugo Strange as part of the Arkham City project, Penguin refused to move out, and found himself and his gang imprisoned. Nonetheless, Penguin continued to pose a threat, taking Mr. Freeze and several undercover cops hostage. Needing Freeze to make a cure for the blood poisoning that had inflicted both the Joker and himself, Batman broke into the Museum to rescue Freeze and the other hostages.Having stolen Freeze's ice-gun, Penguin froze the surface of Tiny's tank, trapping several hostages on the ice. Batman was forced to slowly navigate the thin ice, careful not to break through and fall into the water where Tiny lay in wait. Later, after the ice began to melt, Batman was forced to use a raft to cross the room, until Tiny attacked, biting into the raft. Beating the shark away with his bare fists, Batman managed to evade Tiny and rescue the hostages. What happened to Tiny after Penguin's defeat is unknown.