1. The film must be released theatrically, and cannot have a limited release.
  2. It must be recieved negatively by not only critics, but also the general public.


7: Peter RabbitEdit

Despite what it sounds like, Peter Rabbit is actually another Alvin & the Chipmunks movie. It's boring, annoying and downright agonizing to see. It has NOTHING to do with the original book and Rotten Tomatoes has overrated this. Yes, it has a 63%, which is the same year John F. Kennedy got asassinated. Cursed with bad luck? I guess.

6: BumblebeeEdit

This was actually directed by Travis Knight and not Michael Bay. But oh boy, are there explosions everywhere! And if that wasn't enough, Michael Bay actually has the guts to rickroll us all! No, seriously! Also, how does this connect to... any of the Transformers universe? As someone who grew up as a tomboy, I know how fans feel.

5: Truth or DareEdit

Was this supposed to be a comedy? Off a 3 million budget, it grossed 94 million. How did it get 30x its budget? I don't know, this isn't even scary. It's mainly just teens screwing up stuff because what the hey do they know, they don't even have a driver's liscence. Someone tell these weirdos who they're working for.

Honorable mentionsEdit

  • The Happytime Murders: This film wasn't the slice of cake for everybody. But I like the idea of a puppet movie being aimed for adults. It just didn't live up to everyone's hopes.
  • Ralph Breaks the Internet: Nobody asked for or even wanted a sequel to Wreck-it-Ralph. However this movie's got mixed reviews, so how could I put this on my list.


1: Teen Titans Go! To the MoviesEdit

This is honestly, not only the worst film of 2018, but also one of the worst films of all time. When I first saw this, I left 30 minutes in, and honestly, I think something DIED in me. It took me loads of watching South Park before I could speak of Teen Titans ever again. And even worse, it helped spread the Teen Titans hoax!