You've heard of the "reluctant hero," yes? Someone who is pulled into a situation unwillingly by the actions of others to do good. Well, I think I've finally found a reluctant villain, and in this case, I'm not sure whether to feel worse for the Uber-Morlock, who comes off like an unfortunate martyr, or Jeremy Irons for being in The Time Machine in the first place. With his Thunderdome-like wardrobe, you'd expect this telepathic leader of one race of futuristic humans to be a bad ass. With his sunstroked albino skin and hair, you might think him to be a freak of nature. However, when he speaks, the Uber-Morlock quickly establishes himself as quite possibly the most logical being on the planet. Eight hundred thousand years from now, humans will have split into two distinct races, and the Morlocks will be hunting down their Eloi brethren for food. Such will be the course of nature. This is spelled out quite nicely by the Uber-Morlock in the climactic meeting with the time traveller, but no matter that Alexander Hardtagen is a man 800,000 years out of time... he must fight for freedom! *wince* The Uber-Morlock is actually forced to whoop Hardtagen's ass because this man from the past decides to change things before he goes back. That's right, because changing things in the future before you go back to the past matters somehow? *sigh* Anyway, the Uber-Morlock meets a grizzly time-lapse death thanks to the time machine, but in the end, it seems like such a waste. With the look, wardrobe, mental powers, and acting ability of Jeremy Irons behind it, this villain deserved a hero worth fighting against rather than a pest from the past.