Voice related applications have been pretty bad in terms of their utility. In late 2009, a slew of products are slowly changing the landscape and are finally meeting user expectations.

This is a list of some generic speech recognizers accessible from cell phones. We do not discuss domain specific (health care or automotive or defense) applications.

Microsoft TellmeEdit

[1] offers cloud hosted telephony services. [2] also describes generic transcription of speech for Windows Mobile phones.


[1] provides email access to most commercial free internet services. You can also post Facebook updates by speaking it on your phone.


Dictate reminders orally and get reminders on your phone. Also enables email access to popular free web mail.

Nuance Dragon Dictation and Dragon SearchEdit

Nuance introduced iPhone apps mirroring their popular Dragon desktop products. You can dictate generic search queries and post them to twitter, google, facebook or text/email them. [2] has details.

Google Voice Search for iPhone and AndroidEdit

Google provides voice enabled search products and voice enabled Google Map additions [3]

Google 411Edit

1-800-GOOG-411 is a free directory assistance program. [4] has a good description of its internals.


[3] has a product powering voice queries. Yahoo Mail ReaderEdit

[4] allows users to register their email and web sites or blog preferences. These will be read out on demand handsfree using voice commands.


[5] allows users to interact with Oracle CRM applications and products using voice commands.


[5] offers voice driven dialers and transcribers for the iPhone.

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