Wendigo: The Wendigo is a non-dead creature that roams the earth destroying the good- hearted and those in love. His fate is to wander the Earth feasting on human hearts. The first Wendigo was a mortal who was betrayed by his sweetheart. In revenge for the treachery, he slew his love and ate her heart. Rather than savor the warmth of revenge, his heart was in turn, turned to ice. During daylight hours, and the phases of the moon, the Wendigo looks as you or I. Beware the Wendigo on the three days of the full moon when his power and appetite are greatest. Beware being attacked by the Wendigo. He duplicates himself by attacking but not killing his prey. To cease to be a Wendigo, you must kill the original Wendigo by melting its heart of ice. Wendigo's are also afraid of fire.