About WikiLists

The Lists Wiki, or WikiLists, located at, was founded in September 2006 by Dr. Barbara Ann Kipfer (User:Bkipfer).

This site includes thousands of lists – currently 4,602 – which can run the gamut from … grocery, shopping, travel/vacation, back-to-school, moving/packing, wedding planning, baby planning, party/event, menu planning/meal ideas, holiday, Christmas, vocabulary/spelling, study, checklists, types of things, crossword lists, categories, top 10/5/20, hints and tips, most/largest, famous/major, least/smallest, branches/divisions, groups, parts, trivia/facts, records, organizations, symbols, orders/hierarchies, people, places, measures/time, items needed/kit, cycles/sequences, cleaning, step-by-step/do-it-yourself, tracking, organizing, simplifying, ideas/brainstorming, things to remember, choosing a (fill in the blank), inventory, storage, preparing/planning, seasonal, babysitter, housesitter, camping, telephone, email, buying, selling, safety/security, books about (subject), etcetera etcetera.

It will be supplemented with links to the huge number of lists within the Wikipedia articles, plus the disambiguation lists of Wikipedia.

See also Central Wikia for general information on this project.