Art projects that use a bed:

Chu Yun, XX (2006)

  • Paul Sermon, Telematic Embrace (1993): A series in which the artist projected images of reclining figures onto comfort furnature such as beds and couches.
  • Sophie Calle, The Sleepers (1979): The artist asked friends to sleep in her bed in eight hour shifts. She documented their stay and noted "important" aspects of their visit, as well as what they ate that day.
  • Chu Yun, XX (2006): The Chinese artist installs a white bed in a gallery or museum space. Paid volunteers ingest a sleeping aid and sleep in a bed for a consigned period of time.
  • Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Untitled (1991): After his lover Ross passed away, the artist displayed images of an absent body mark imprint on the bed on billboards all over NYC in memory of his lost love. It was also a subtle reminder to those whose lives were cut short by AIDs (which later caused Gonzalez-Torres' life to end tragically short as well).
  • Tracey Emin, My Bed (1998): The artist displays her bed in a gallery as an art object, remniscent of earlier artists who tried to show formal composition from overlooked, banal, everyday objects.
  • Andrea Fraser, Untitled(2003): at Friechrich Petzel Gallery the artist exhibited a video of her with a dealer who was contractually bound to sleep with her, raising questions about the lines between art and prostitution.
  • John Smith, Hotel Diaries: Throwing Stones (2004): One of several of the British filmmaker's series documenting hotel rooms and relating personal experiences with contemporary world events.
  • Andy Warhol, Sleep (1963): An infamous "film" in which documents Warhol's friend John Giorno, sleeping for 5 hours and 20 minutes.
  • Cornelia Parker, The Maybe (1995)
  • Donald Judd, Daybed (1993)
  • Thomas Ruff, Interior 4A (1979)
  • Carsten Höller, Drehendes Hotelzimmer (Revolving Hotel Room) (2008)
  • Florian Slotawa, Hotel Inter-Continental, Leipzig (1999)
  • Chiharu Shiota, During Sleep (2005)
  • Ed Kienholz, The State Hospital (1966)
  • Paul Villinski, Dreamer (2008)
  • Dominic Wilcox, Bed (1999)
  • Janine Antoni, Slumber (1993)
  • IRWIN with Marina Abramović, Namepickers (1999)
  • Rachel Whiteread, untitled (air bed) (1992)
  • Robert Gober, Untitled (1986)
  • Brad Carlile, Tempus Incognitus: One-o (2011)
  • Tony Conrad, Examination (1979)
  • Ulay & Marina Abramovic, Communist Body/Fascist Body (1979)
  • Michele Pagel, El Calzone (2011)
  • Lynn Hershman, Seduction (Phantom Limb Series) (1988)
  • Mary Beth Edelson, Get It? (1992)
  • Robert Rauschenberg, Bed (1955)

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