Lygia Clark, Cocoon (1959)

Works of art that involve folded, creased, or crinkled items:

  • Lygia Clark, Metamorphosis I (1960): these objects are made out of aluminum with hinged edges that remind one of orgami (though the artist would probably disapprove of comparisons to origami). Clark's "Caminhando" (or "Trailings") series involved folding and cutting paper.
  • Matthew McWilliams, Paper Works (Blue) 3 (2010): the photographer did a series of Paper Works in which he folded white paper, photographed it against a white background, and then prented the result onto the folded paper.
  • Simon Hantaï, Tabula (1976): part of a series in which the artist meticulously folded the canvas into gridded creases and painted in the non-receding areas so they formed a grid. Hantaï had been working with folding canvas since his Meuns series (1967-1968), and was heavily influenced by American abstract painters such as Morris Louis and Jackson Pollock (both of whom had opened up new possiblities for the role the canvas could take on in the process of painting.)