Works of art that involve hotels or motels:

  • Jim Isermann, Motel Modern (1982)
  • Brad Carlile, Tempus Incognitus: One-o (2011)
  • Doug Aitkin, Migration (2009): The artist filmed several different animals inside hotel rooms.
  • Andrea Fraser, Untitled(2003): at Friechrich Petzel Gallery the artist exhibited a video of her with a dealer who was contractually bound to sleep with her, raising questions about the lines between art and prostitution.
  • Florian Slotawa, Hotel Inter-Continental, Leipzig (1999)
  • John Smith, Hotel Diaries: Throwing Stones (2004): One of several of the British filmmaker's series documenting hotel rooms and relating personal experiences with contemporary world events.
  • Thomas Ruff, Interior 4A (1979)
  • Carsten Höller, Drehendes Hotelzimmer (Revolving Hotel Room) (2008)
  • Tracey Snelling, Motel (Free HBO) (2010)
  • James Turrell, HI Test (1997): part of the Magnetron Series. An aperture cut into the wall in a room at the Mondrian Hotel, with the light coming from the reflections of a television.
  • Marina Abramović, Role Exchange (1975): she exchanged professional roles with an Amsterdam prostitute, working as a prostitute for four hours while the prostitute worked as an artist (video for more info).
  • Lynn Hershman Leeson, The Dante Hotel (1973-4)