Fluxus 0003

Phillip Corner, Piano Activities at Fluxus Internationale Festspiele Neuester Musik, Wiesbaden (1962)

Works of art that use a piano, organ, or keyboard:

Old classics:

  • James Abbott McNeill Whistler, At The Piano (1858-9)
  • Henri Matisse, The Piano Lesson (1916), The Music Lesson (1917): Matisse has worked with other compositions dealing with the subject of painting, but anyone who has taken a basic Art Appreciation 101 course in college has most likely seen these two paintings compared side-by-side as an effective design approach to visually depicting the difference between the warmth, social frivolity, and leisure of playing music, versus the strict discipline, the solitude of practicing and studying music on the piano.
  • Titian, Venus With an Organ Player (circa 1550): this was a part of a series of Venuses accompanied with musical instruments. The organ was associated with prudence, diligence, and discipline, while in comparison with Venus and the Lute Player (circa 1565-70), the lute was associated with frivolity, casualness, light-heartedness.