Not long before the Nazis hit it big, the world was threatened by Xander Drax (Treat Williams), an eccentric madman obsessed with capturing the Skulls of Touganda, three artifacts that supposedly possess incredible power. Drax and his goons scour the planet looking for the skulls and, in the process, become enemies with the do-gooder Phantom (Billy Zane). This hero in a purple suit seems to have been defending justice in the Bengalla woods for hundreds of years, and one of Drax's goons even claims to have killed the Phantom at one point.

Drax is being investigated by a newspaper publisher back in New York City, and soon takes his daughter, Diana (Kristy Swanson), hostage. Diana's old flame Kit Walker is actually the alter ego of the Phantom, so the Ghost Who Walks conveniently shows up to try and rescue the damsel in distress. Eventually, Drax and his goons are too much for the Phantom, and the entire crew finds itself headed to the friendly-sounding Devil's Vortex to locate the final skull. They run into the Singh Brotherhood, protectors of the skull and sworn enemy of the Phantom. Drax captures the third skull and witnesses the incredible power of the skulls, much too late to realize he cannot control it.

Xander Drax is enigmatic and larger than life, with an ego unmatched by any man. He seems to take great joy in his wicked deeds, including hiding a pair of razor blades for a scientist in his microscope. Drax has no allegiances, always watching out for number one, but you have to think he was too naive to think he could control a power so legendary as the Skulls of Touganda.

INTELLIGENCE - 6: Xander Drax is bold and smart, certainly smarter than the thugs on his payroll.

POWER - 4: Drax has surrounded himself with vicious bruisers more than capable of doing the physical stuff for him.

VILENESS - 8: He'll sacrifice his right hand man to get what he wants, not to mention any innocents who get in the way.

SWAY - 6: His ego is out of control, and his charisma is pretty decent. And he sure loves to hear himself talk.

PURITY - 8: Drax is focused on the skulls and destroying the Phantom.

PHYSICAL - 3: The 1930s were a time to be stylish not scary, and Drax was, right down to the great suits.